Biden’s Late Appearances and Blunders Becoming More Apparent

( – Joe Biden’s age and fitness to serve have become huge factors in the campaign cycle since his disastrous performance during the first presidential debate with Donald Trump. The president appeared confused, lost his train of thought a couple of times, and displayed an odd facial expression throughout the broadcast. News reports indicated that his well-documented blunders had become more apparent during his recent public appearances.

Initially, Biden owned his poor debate performance, telling supporters he may not “walk as easily […] talk as smoothly […] or debate” as well as before. However, he quickly pivoted to claiming he suffered from a cold and the effects of a “bad night.”

However, several media outlets report that an ongoing series of missteps, “bungles” by Biden and his staff, threatens to become an “unrecoverable disaster” that could lead to another term in office for Trump.

According to sources, the president’s ongoing gaffes and decades-long problem with stuttering are amplifying concerns regarding Biden’s fitness to finish his current term. Those outlets speculate that those issues are creating an accelerating decline in confidence in Biden’s ability to complete a second term.

News outlets reported that Biden “shocked donors” at a recent fundraising event by only speaking for six minutes. The timing couldn’t have been worse, either, since the gathering occurred two days after his listless debate performance. Additionally, he managed to make another gaffe during his short address and departed without taking any questions from attendees.

Biden followed up by appearing at an event hosted by New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy (D). However, news reports indicate that the president spoke so softly that the 50 attendees had difficulty hearing him. The president also appeared to lose his train of thought several times despite having a teleprompter.

Recent headlines are filled with articles detailing widespread panic within the Democratic Party over Biden’s debate performance. Likewise, news reports indicate there’s widespread talk about replacing him on the ticket — but so far, nothing tangible has happened regarding his withdrawal.

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