YouTube Censors Statements About Election Fraud

YouTube Silences Statements About Election Fraud

( – Big-tech companies continue to throttle conservative voices, including President Donald Trump’s. It’s bad enough when they act independently, but Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg admitted to coordinating those efforts with Twitter and Google during questioning by US Senators on November 17, 2020.

Facebook recently announced the suspension of the president’s ability to post on his Facebook page until the January 20 inauguration ceremony. Similarly, Twitter took down 3 of his tweets and suspended his account for 12 hours in the wake of Congress certifying the Electoral College ballots on January 7.

That censorship has now spread to YouTube.

YouTube, a Google company, announced sweeping new restrictions on January 7. Under its new set of rules, any accounts posting videos presenting “false claims” will be subject to sanctions, eventually leading up to permanent suspension of the account. It also singled out clips spreading what it considers to be misinformation regarding voting irregularities and election fraud.

As one might expect, YouTube decides what constitutes faulty information. Additionally, its web page discussing its policy regarding the 2020 election indicates that it “terminated” thousands of channels and videos for policy violations.

The president already issued an executive order limiting online censorship on May 28, 2020. However, that hasn’t stopped social media platforms from taking steps to remove content and accounts as they see fit.

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