Young Girl Recovering After Devastating Plane Crash

Young Girl Recovering After Devastating Plane Crash

( – A parent’s love for their child is something that is usually unmatched. When they are born, parents promise they will give their lives to keep their baby safe. That’s exactly what one little girl says her father did.

On Saturday, November 13, 11-year-old Laney Perdue sustained several serious injuries in a fatal plane crash. The twin-engine commuter plane carrying her crashed shortly after takeoff from an airport on Michigan’s lower peninsula in Charlevoix. Laney suffered from several broken bones during the crash on Lake Michigan’s Beaver Island.

Laney was the only survivor of the crash, which claimed the life of her father, Mike Perdue, and three other individuals. Mike reportedly shielded her body in a bear hug before the plane’s impact.

Laney’s mother, Christina Perdue, spoke with local reporters about her husband’s courageous final act. “He gave the best bear hugs,” she recounted, saying that was the last thing her daughter remembered from the accident. She added that was heartbroken over the loss of her husband.

Dana Bensinger, a close family friend of the Perdue’s, told reporters that officials at a nearby children’s hospital listed Laney in fair condition, as of Monday. We send our condolences to the Perdue family and hope the little girl has a speedy recovery from her injuries.

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