You Won’t Believe Who’s Roasting Bernie Sanders Now

You Won't Believe Who's Roasting Bernie Sanders Now

( – Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) might not seem like the social media type, with his tousled hair and the stack of papers he always seems to have in his possession; but he has a sharp, political mind. The senator is well known for using social media platforms to promote his vision of a progressive utopia. Along the way, he’s picked up an unlikely online foe — billionaire Elon Musk.

The Tesla founder and senator sparred recently after Sanders posted a tweet calling on the country’s wealthy elite to “pay their fair share” of taxes, “period.” Musk posted a response the next day claiming that he kept “forgetting” that Sanders was “still alive.”

The billionaire also asked Sanders if he wanted him to “sell more stock,” a reference to the roughly $7.8 billion in Tesla stock Musk recently dumped after posting a Twitter poll asking if he should get rid of 10% of his portfolio in the company.

The incident isn’t the first time the two men have clashed on Twitter. In March, Sanders lashed out at Musk and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, tweeting that those two men owned “more wealth” than nearly half of the country’s lowest wage earners. According to the senator, that “level of greed and inequality” was both “immoral” and “unsustainable.”

Musk quickly countered that he was “accumulating resources” to introduce humankind to interplanetary life and to “extend the light of [human] consciousness” to the universe.

Sanders’ interaction with Musk online probably does little to achieve his political goals, but it does serve as entertaining political theater for Twitter users.

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