Woman Startled Awake When Strange Object Crashes Through Her Ceiling

Woman Startled Awake When Strange Object Crashes Through Her Ceiling

(RepublicanPress.org) – There’s an old British prayer taught to children to recite before going to bed. “Now I lay me down to sleep,” it begins. The four-line prayer ends with a call for the Lord to take their soul “If I should die before I wake.” Unfortunately, a Canadian woman came closer to living out that nightmarish scenario than she might’ve liked earlier this month.

On Monday night, October 4, a meteor blazed across the sky over British Columbia. Ruth Hamilton was sleeping in the comfort of her home in the resort village of Golden, Canada, until a rock from the meteor ended in her bedroom.

As reported by the Daily Star, Hamilton told local reporters she suddenly awoke to a loud crashing sound. She said she turned on a light to try to “figure out what the heck had happened.” As she sat up in bed and looked around, Hamilton noticed she was covered with debris. She then discovered a gaping hole in her ceiling. When she looked down at her bed, she found a blackened rock lying on her pillow.

Confused and concerned, Hamilton called the local police. After determining that a nearby construction site hadn’t conducted any recent blasting, the police concluded the fist-sized rock must have come from the meteor.

Hamilton said it was “almost a relief” that the object came from the sky and not from an intruder. Continuing, she said she was amazed at the idea the meteorite might be billions of years old and plans to keep it.

As Ms. Hamilton concluded, life is precious and can end in an instant, even from the comfort and safety of your own bed.

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