Woman Says She Poisoned Boyfriend to Make Him Stop Talking

Woman Says She Poisoned Boyfriend to Make Him Stop Talking

(RepublicanPress.org) – Criminals offer various reasons justifying their particular misdeeds. Some appear plausible, while others appear to be ruses. However, a Florida woman’s recent claim she poisoned her boyfriend to make him stop talking might be one of the strangest excuses for a crime on record.

On December 7, 54-year-old Jacksonville woman Alvis Parrish apparently had enough of her boyfriend’s non-stop chatter and decided to poison his lemonade with an antipsychotic drug to get him to quit talking. She telephoned the local sheriff’s office a few minutes later, reportedly to make sure he wouldn’t actually die.

According to the sheriff’s office report, Parrish hollered at officers from her front porch, proudly announcing that she poisoned William Carter because he wouldn’t “shut the [expletive] up!” She also reportedly told them she gave Carter just enough poison to get him to quit talking, but a non-lethal dose.

Curiously, Parrish appeared to encourage deputies to take her into custody. According to her arrest report, she warned officers she would finish the job and kill Carter if they didn’t take her away.

Upon entering the home, deputies found Carter in a dazed condition asking why he felt so tired.

Meanwhile, Parrish sits in jail on a $50,000 bond. The court set her next hearing date for December 29.

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