Woman Dislodges Bead From Nose — 20 Years Later

Woman Dislodges Bead From Nose -- 20 Years Later

(RepublicanPress.org) – The internet is full of people telling remarkable stories about unexpected discoveries. However, the tale of a woman who recovered a bead — lost up her nose — is destined to make the list of the weirdest news from 2021.

TikTok user @hannah.lham (we’ll call her Hannah) posted a viral video discussing vague childhood memories, ones from early childhood that people aren’t quite sure are real or not. Hannah related that she had a dim memory of poking a bead in her nose, followed by the grim reality that it wasn’t coming out from its perch. To the best of her recollection, she never told anyone about the incident, and who would?!

Twenty years later, she had a horrible sinus infection. According to her, it felt like something was blocking the passage on the right side of her nose. So, she did what any other rational person would do. She grabbed her handy dandy earwax camera (yes, such a thing exists) to see what in the world was going on with her nose.

To Hannah’s amazement, she saw her long-lost blue bead way up there in a place it clearly didn’t belong. Long story short, she managed to dislodge it. Hannah didn’t say whether she kept the bead or not.

What about you? Would you share a bizarre story like this about yourself online for the entire world to see?

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