Woman Certified by Guinness World Records for Unusually Large Mouth

Woman Certified by Guinness World Records for Unusually Large Mouth

(RepublicanPress.org) – Overcoming challenges (real or imagined) about one’s appearance can be a daunting experience. Unfortunately, society can be cruel to anyone exhibiting unusual features, regardless of whether they are typically outside the realm of a person’s control. Such is the case with TikTok influencer Samantha Ramsdell.

Guinness World Records recently certified Ms. Ramsdell, aged 31, as having the largest female mouth gape — at her request! According to Ramsdell, her fans, “the children of TikTok” as she calls them, were convinced she had what it took to hold the world record. So, she reached out to Guinness.

Of course, Guinness World Records takes its job seriously enough they don’t leave things to chance. So, they enlisted the help of an official adjudicator to go to South Norwalk, Connecticut, and accompany Ramsdell to her local dentist’s office. Dr. Elke Cheung confirmed her gape measured a record-setting 2.56 inches (6.52 cm), coming in at slightly over half the size of her male counterpart who’s gape measured 4 inches (10.16 cm) on the dot!

Ramsdell told Guinness the experience of turning a situation that once made her insecure into “one of the biggest [and] best things about me” was a remarkable experience.

Ramsdell concluded her remarks, noting that having a Guinness World Record has allowed her to tell the bullies and doubters in her life that she might have a big mouth, but at least it’s the “biggest one in the world!” Good for her.

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