Woman Arrested for Riding on Top of Train

Woman Arrested for Riding on Top of Train

(RepublicanPress.org) – If you’ve ever driven through Texas, you probably noticed a sprinkling of road signs warning you not to “Mess with Texas.” The slogan arose as part of an anti-littering campaign, but it recently applied to railroad workers operating in the Lone Star State.

On Wednesday, September 29, Union Pacific Railroad workers had to call for reinforcements from the Brazos County Sheriff’s Office after they noticed a woman perched on top of one of its rail cars shortly after it made a stop north of College Station.

Judy DeLeon, 38, reportedly hollered at sheriff’s deputies as they consulted with railroad workers about the apparent standoff. A deputy climbed on top of the rail car and tried to coax her down. When that failed, the extraction team decided to call for additional reinforcements — firefighters from the nearby College Station firehouse armed with a ladder truck. They couldn’t convince her to come down, either.

Eventually, DeLeon climbed down from the train after nearly an hour had passed and elated deputies promptly arrested her. Railroad officials estimated their total damages at about $3,600 using $400 per hour for each train delayed during the bizarre standoff.

As a result, the Brazos County Jail offered to detain her on charges of causing damage between $2,500 and $29,999. Either unable or unwilling to put up the required $5,000 bail, DeLeon is currently taking time for a little R&R at county expense, pending her first court appearance.

So far, she hasn’t explained to anyone what she was doing on top of the train. Perhaps she wanted a ride in a nice shiny squad car?

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