Woke Mayor Claims Criminals Should Not Be Prosecuted For Shocking Crimes

(RepublicanPress.org) – In 2021, Democrat Michelle Wu became the first person of color and woman to be elected mayor of Boston. Upon entering office, she began her progressive mission by divesting from certain industries, including fossil fuels and tobacco. She also addressed climate change and established groups to make the city more green. Recently, Wu caught some negative attention over her stance on crime in Boston.

The Boston mayor believes that certain crimes should not be prosecuted, including possession of alcohol by minors, breaking and entering vacant properties, trespassing, and disturbing the peace. Wu apparently thinks that “quality of life” crimes should go unpunished because she allegedly said she supported a do-not-prosecute list written by the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office. Those charges included the above, in addition to other crimes like shoplifting, larceny under $250, disturbing the peace, receiving stolen property, and minor driving offenses.

According to her mayoral questionnaire from 2021, Wu also thinks the Boston Police gang database should be closed, although it has been an effective tool in breaking up violent street gangs in the city. Reports also allege that the mayor wants any Boston Police Department employee involved in the January 6 insurrection to be fired and any use-of-force reports against officers made public.

The first-term city leader has been heavily criticized for other actions she’s taken since becoming mayor. In 2023, she made a list of the people vocally criticizing her and gave it to authorities, raising further criticism about trying to silence opposition. Her spokesperson said the move was necessary because the mayor was being harassed and physically intimidated by those same people.

The Boston mayor is up for re-election in 2025, and she’s already declared that she plans to run for a second term to lead the city. In 2021, Wu won her mayoral race over her opponent, Annissa Essaibi George, with 64.2% of the vote.

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