Will Trump, Biden Engage in Debates?

Will Trump, Biden Engage in Debates?

(RepublicanPress.org) – On March 12, President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump each reportedly secured enough primary delegates from their respective parties to secure the nomination for the upcoming general presidential election. While the nominations won’t be official until the summer, many are already talking about whether or not the two will debate.

What Will Happen?

Trump avoided all debates during the primaries but seemed eager to appear on stage next to Biden. The former US leader reportedly posted on social media stating he would debate the president “anytime, anywhere, anyplace.” On the other hand, the Commander-in-Chief doesn’t seem so sure about the prospect. While he didn’t rule out the prospect, Biden said it depends on how Trump behaves. The pair have already been down this road before when they went head-to-head multiple times leading up to the 2020 election.

Their first debate happened in September 2020 and got heated. Fox News’ Chris Wallace served as moderator for the discussion, which covered the Supreme Court, the 2020 health emergency, healthcare, the economy, and climate change — mostly standard topics. However, the debate was chaotic, with Trump interrupting Biden and Wallace throughout, making it difficult to have a clear discussion on the issues. At one point, the now-president got fed up with the interruption and told Trump to “shut up” — he didn’t. Subsequent debates incorporated measures, like muting microphones, to install more order. Trump and the Republican National Committee then argued the debates were biased against the now-former president.

Will They Debate?

Given the pair’s previous experiences on stage, it’s hard to say if they will debate the issues before this year’s election. While this is four years later, the matchup is nothing new, and the public is aware of where each candidate stands on important issues.

Trump recently said in a social media post that he is willing to debate, even though he believes the Commission on Presidential Debates is a “subsidiary” of the “corrupt” Democratic National Committee. That viewpoint is likely a preview of what could transpire on stage during a debate — the very thing Biden wants to avoid. The Biden campaign reportedly said Trump just wants attention.

Still, according to The Hill, presidential debate expert Aaron Kall predicts there will be at least a couple of debates between Biden and Trump during this cycle but believes it won’t happen for a while. Considering the election is eight months away, Kall thinks it’s a bit early in the cycle to get the two presumptive candidates on stage.

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