White House Statements Being Abused by Human Smugglers

White House Statements Being Abused by Human Smugglers

(RepublicanPress.org) – Joe Biden started rolling back Donald Trump’s immigration and border security protections his first day in office, reversing his emergency declaration at the nation’s southern border and canceling the border wall’s construction. Since that time, the border has exploded with a rush of migrants.

MSNBC correspondent Ayman Mohyeldin met with Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei for a wide-ranging interview on Tuesday, April 13. Giammattei characterized the Biden administration’s border policies as “confusing” at best. According to him, Biden’s “compassionate messages” were interpreted as a call to people, particularly border smugglers (known as coyotes), to flood the border with children. Thanks to the way Biden’s statements were “translated,” they understood them to be a declaration that children would be granted entry into the United States.

Giammattei also expressed concern about the unprecedented number of unaccompanied children pouring over the border. He added that many of them would turn to “prostitution networks” and other criminal operations to survive. “As soon as they cross the border… they fall into the hands of cartels,” he explained.

What’s the Solution?

In March, Biden finally tasked Vice President Kamala Harris to spearhead administration efforts to stem the flow of migrants across the border after weeks of denying a crisis existed. Harris was tasked with sorting out the underlying problems in Mexico and Central America, sparking the migration in the first place.

However, so far, it would be an overstatement to call Harris’ response lackluster. She hasn’t visited the border since Biden assigned her that task over three weeks ago. Kamala announced plans to visit Mexico and Guatemala, but so far, no date has been set, nor has there been any talk of a visit to the border. The only thing she has done is announced aid for the Northern Triangle (El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala) countries in order to help them create programs to keep migrants from leaving home.

Actions speak louder than words. Unfortunately, Harris hasn’t offered much of either. Let’s hope she decides to put America first and end the border crisis before it’s too late.

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