White House Moving Forward with Turkey Pardon (REPORT)

White House Moving Forward with Turkey Pardon (REPORT)

(RepublicanPress.org) – The rising number of hospital admissions accompanying unprecedented numbers of COVID-19 infections threatens the nation’s healthcare system and the American way of life. Several state governors and city officials have imposed quarantines, curfews, and other harsh restrictions on its citizens. However, the Trump administration is determined to respect time-honored holiday traditions like the National Thanksgiving Turkey Presentation.

Media outlets reported on November 19 that the White House plans to hold the annual pardoning ceremony for a Thanksgiving turkey on Tuesday, November 24.

Voters typically choose two turkeys for the ceremony, the National Thanksgiving Turkey and an alternate. The winner receives a presidential pardon, and both get to live out the rest of their natural life at Iowa State University. Iowa turkey producers Ron Kardel and his wife, Susie, raised the two finalists this year.

President Abraham Lincoln (R) reportedly granted the first clemency to a turkey in 1863 at his son Tad’s request, who befriended a turkey, naming him Jack. President George HW Bush (R) formalized the event in 1989.

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