White House Blacklists Chinese Companies Over Human Rights Abuses

White House Blacklists Chinese Companies Over Human Rights Abuses

(RepublicanPress.org) – Former President Donald Trump took a no-nonsense approach to foreign diplomacy, placing “America First” at all times over foreign adversaries. President Joe Biden has worked to unravel many of Trump’s signature policies. Curiously, he hasn’t worked to dismantle Trump’s policies regarding China.

Trump imposed billions of dollars of tariffs on various Chinese goods, including clothing, food products, and footwear. Financial Times recently reported that the Biden administration had worked closely with allies to counter Chinese market strength. Overall, Biden’s approach to dealing with China remains closer to that of the Trump administration than experts had expected from him with roughly five months in office.

More than 3,500 companies in the US, including Ford Motor Corporation and Coca-Cola, filed lawsuits over Trump administration tariffs on Chinese goods in the US Court of International Trade. Yet, the Biden administration not only remains quiet on the issue of tariffs, but it has also moved against China in other ways.

Biden Administration Blacklists Chinese Companies

On June 24, the White House released a fact sheet announcing new actions ordered by the Biden administration taking against China in response to its use of forced labor in Xinjiang, an autonomous territory in northwestern China.

The recent G7 Summit in Cornwall, UK, united the world’s leading democracies against Chinese human rights abuses in Xinjiang. Attendees vowed to push back against China to ensure international supply chains remain free from the use of forced labor. The Biden administration is following up by taking steps to hold Chinese companies accountable for their actions with the assistance of the US Department of Homeland Security, US Customs and Border Protection, and the Departments of Commerce and Labor.

Under the direction of the White House, US Customs and Border will block entry of any silica-based products manufactured by Hoshine Silicon Industry and its subsidiaries into the United States. The policy is based on information indicating it is using forced labor in Xinjiang. Similar blacklisting will apply to Dalian Ocean Fishing Co., Ltd. and the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps.

Similarly, the Department of Commerce added five Chinese companies to its previous list of 48 blacklisted for their participation in the practice of forced labor and contributing to human rights abuses against Uyghurs and other Chinese minority groups.

Additionally, the Labor Department updated its list of “goods produced by child labor or forced labor” by the People’s Republic of China. Normally, the Department of Labor updates the list every two years. This is the first time it has done so outside that pre-designated cycle.

It could prove interesting to see just how far the Biden administration is willing to go to put pressure on China if it refuses to back down on its position regarding forced labor and other human rights abuses.

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