Watercraft SINKS – 3 Men Rescued!

Fishermen Survive in Open Waters for Nearly 30 Hours After Boat Sinks

Men Survive in Open Waters for About 28 Hours After Vessel Sinks

(RepublicanPress.org) – When heading out into the open sea to cast a line and hook a big one, there’s always the possibility the boat you depend on will sink. That’s exactly what happened to three Louisiana fishermen who set sail on the choppy waters in the Gulf of Mexico on October 8.

While reeling in their catches, the vessel sank into the sea, exposing the trio to open waters. They made a floatation device out of ice chests to cling to while waiting for rescue. According to a report from People, the men said they kept getting stung by jellyfish. Phong Le, the owner of the boat, compared it to “a bunch of hypodermic needles just sticking at one time.” Le eventually swam away from the wreckage in search of help, while the other two men remained, reportedly fighting off hungry sharks who arrived the next morning.

Luckily, Le managed to get a signal on his phone while away from the raft, sending a map of their location to authorities. Meanwhile, Luan and Son Nguyen dealt with blacktip sharks looking for a meal. One of the men jabbed one of the creatures in the eyes to deter them, while the other reported injuries to his hands from the fight.

After the fishermen spent about 28 hours in the deep blue, the US Coast Guard pulled the men from the water. All the victims were dehydrated and had hypothermia from the chilly water. However, the three friends were grateful they lived to tell the tale.

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