Vulnerable Swing State Dems Keeping Distance From Biden

( – Election season is in full swing for not only the presidency but for the majority of lawmakers in Congress. While all voters across the US have a voice in November, the decision for who will take the White House next will likely be decided by seven swing states. Lawmakers up for election in some of those states are reportedly distancing themselves from President Joe Biden, fearing he will hurt their chances at victory.

The Hill described some Senate Democrats as vulnerable, noting they were running tough races. Some are worried about the president’s brand weighing them down going forward. So far, however, they appear to be holding strong.

One Democratic senator reportedly discussed Biden’s age and how that concerns voters. The lawmaker said those in competitive races will have to “see how much gravity [they] can defy.” The senator also said voters aren’t happy about the choices for president overall, and the lawmakers are aware it’s an issue, but there’s nothing they can do about it.

Another lawmaker talked about the price of goods and how that isn’t helping Biden’s chances of re-election. The person specifically noted housing and drug prices. While inflation has been high, it has cooled over the past year and currently sits at 3.4%. The Fed wants to see that number at 2%.

Some senators didn’t hide behind anonymity but spoke out about how they differed from Biden. Senator Jacky Rosen (D-NV) broke with Biden over his decision to temporarily withhold a shipment of bombs from Israel. When asked about the president’s approval rating, Rosen said the people in her state know her, and that’s where her focus was.

Senator Bob Casey (D-PA) also admitted differences between him and Biden. However, the lawmaker believes both he and Biden will win in Pennsylvania.

Reuters listed polls from swing states, which showed former President Donald Trump with a slight edge over Biden. The surveys spanned from October 2023 to April, covering all seven swing states.

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