Virginia Giuffre Accused of Assault by Another Alleged Epstein Victim

Virginia Giuffre Accused of Assault by Another Alleged Epstein Victim

Alleged Epstein Victim ACCUSED – Assault Reported!

( – In March, one of Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged victim, Virginia Roberts Giuffre, settled her sexual assault case against Queen Elizabeth II’s son, Prince Andrew. Now, she faces similar accusations of her own. Jeffrey Epstein’s ex-girlfriend and accuser, Rina Oh, alleges Giuffre touched her inappropriately without her consent on more than one occasion.

Oh claims to have been assaulted on another occasion by the accused and other women in the presence of convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein at his townhouse in 2001.

She claims that Giuffre was following Epstein’s direction when she “sexually assaulted and abused” her in a massage room at one of the deceased financier’s properties. Oh stated the horrifying incidents left her frozen and in shock.

The accusation is not the first conflict between the two women. In November 2021, Oh sued Giuffre for $10 million in a defamation suit. Giuffre tweeted that Oh took part in procuring minors and participated in their abuse along with Epstein — a claim she denies. Six months later, Giuffre filed a suit against Oh, claiming she cut her during sadomasochist sessions, leaving both physical and emotional scars. Giuffre accused Oh of sexually assaulting her. Oh denies such a thing ever happened and said Giuffre was the real predator.

As to the current suit, Kat Thomas, Giuffre’s attorney, said the allegations against her client are false. She told Insider that the accusations are doing nothing but re-traumatizing Epstein’s most well-known victim.

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