VA Attorney Accused of Posting Antisemitic Video

VA Attorney Accused of Posting Antisemitic Video

( – The Canary Mission is an organization that investigates and documents people and groups that promote hate against the United States, Israel, and Jews at North American college campuses and elsewhere. The group’s goal is to shine a light on anti-semitism, racism, and bigotry to stop the behavior in its tracks. Recently, the mission called out an attorney who currently works for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA).

On November 27, the Canary Mission posted a deleted social media video online. The clip showed Appellate Attorney Shakeba Morrad, a lawyer working for the Office of General Counsel for the VA, seeming to mock Israel for wanting its hostages back from Hamas. In the six-second video, Morrad said, “We just want our hostages back. Give us our 200 hostages,” in a whiney and mocking tone. It’s unclear whether the clip was Morrad’s full video or if it was part of one.

According to The New York Times, the Hamas terrorist group kidnapped about 240 people during its initial attack on Israel — including about 33 children. After much talk and negotiations between the warring actors, Israel and Hamas finally agreed to a temporary ceasefire to allow the release of hostages and usher more aid into Gaza. As of November 30, The Washington Post reported that more than 100 hostages had been released. While the truce was only supposed to last four days, the two sides agreed to extend the peace for two additional days, giving hope that more hostages would see freedom.

VA Press Secretary Terrence Hayes said the department was aware of the situation and was investigating the matter. He said there was “no place at [the] VA for antisemitism,” “bigotry,” or “hatred.” Hayes added his assurance that the administration would take appropriate action once the investigation was complete. Morrad hasn’t made a formal statement to give an explanation for her tone in the video.

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