US Updates Travel Advisory for Russia

US Updates Travel Advisory for Russia

( – On February 24, 2022, Russian forces invaded Ukraine, starting a war that continues to this day. Soon after the strike, the US Embassy & Consulates in Russia warned US citizens to avoid traveling to Russia due to fears of harassment and unlawful detention. The entity advised anyone already in the country that their US debit and credit cards would no longer work due to sanctions and provided information regarding what the US government can and cannot do to help.

On February 13, the embassy updated its policy, stating US citizens should stay out of Russia due to an uptick in detentions, possible terrorism, harassment, and the entity’s severely limited resources to assist. Likewise, the notice advised any US citizen living in the country to leave immediately. Departure options are more limited now than they were at the beginning of the war, so the embassy suggested those wishing to depart should make private arrangements to do so as quickly as possible.

The US embassy said security personnel in Russia has been arresting American citizens, mistreating them, and holding secret trials against them devoid of evidence to prove wrongdoing. The announcement stated authorities are even going after US citizens who are traveling there or reside there for religious reasons. In other words, those volunteering out of the goodness of their hearts aren’t safe to stay or travel to the unstable country.

Not only is there an active war going on in that part of the world, but the United States is one of the many countries helping Ukraine by supplying equipment and training to help them in the fight. In addition, the sanctions against the nation and various businesses pulling out of Russia only make US citizens in the country a bigger target. In addition to the obvious dangers war presents, the New York Post reported that parts of Russia that border Ukraine are currently under martial law — expanding the country’s power over the people still there.

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