US Sheriffs Call for Action on Immigration Policies

US Sheriffs Call for Action on Immigration Policies

( – Concern regarding the nation’s southern border with Mexico continues growing amid an unprecedented rise in illegal migrant crossings. Of particular concern is the Biden administration’s return to the practice of the “catch and release” policy, a program that releases illegals back into communities in the United States. As a result, some sheriffs across the nation are speaking out.

A group of 275 sheriffs representing 39 states sent a letter to President Biden on April 7 urging him to “secure the border” and halt the “mass influx of illegal immigration.”

“You must act now,” the letter explained, before the country’s “safety resources” become overwhelmed with the side effects of allowing entry into the US by “transnational gangs, guns, [and] dangerous drugs.” Granting illegal immigrants entry into the country undermines the sheriff’s efforts to protect “We, the People,” the letter read. Continuing, the letter accused Biden of unleashing a “predictable crisis” on the country with his “pro-illegal immigration policies.”

The sheriffs concluded their letter vowing to work with the administration if it decides to “embrace the common-sense” border policies of the Trump administration. Hopefully, they can come to some agreement before it’s too late.

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