US Senator Given Treatment for Infection at the Hospital

US Senator Given Treatment for Infection at the Hospital

( – Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) began his career in public service by serving in the Iowa state legislature in 1958. He was first elected to the US House of Representatives in 1974, where he remains to this day. Currently, at 90 years old, he is the eldest member of the Upper Chamber. Recently, he had a health scare that landed him in the hospital.

On January 16, Grassley’s office put out a brief statement telling the public that the legislator was admitted into the hospital to receive “antibiotic infusions” for an infection. The notice didn’t specify the kind of infection but said the lawmaker was in “good spirits” and would return to work as soon as the doctor allowed. According to the BBC, Grassley missed the vote to advance a short-term spending bill to avoid the impending government shutdown.

The measure still advanced by a vote of 68 to 13 — one step closer to passing. It advanced in a bipartisan fashion, with 20 Republicans, 45 Democrats, and 3 Independents voting for and 13 Republicans voting against. Whether Grassley chose to vote for or against advancement wouldn’t have mattered in this instance.

While Grassley’s office didn’t provide details about the senator’s condition, Healthline states that antibiotic infusions are useful for all kinds of conditions. It is typically used when doctors want to control the particular dosage entering the bloodstream.

In January 2023, The Gazette reported that Grassley was recovering from hip surgery, which repaired a fracture. At the time, he didn’t reveal the circumstances that led to his injury and subsequent surgery.

His absence temporarily widens the gap between Democrats and Republicans in the Senate at a time when the US is barreling toward a possible government shutdown. Democrats hold 48 seats in the Upper Chamber, Independents hold 3, and the GOP holds 49 — including Grassley.

However, Grassley was reported discharged from the hospital on January 18 and is expected to return to work in the coming week.

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