US Reportedly Sending More Troops To Taiwan

US Reportedly Sending More Troops to Taiwan

( – The US Department of State lists America’s relationship with Taiwan as robust but unofficial, while referring to the country as a key partner in the Indo-Pacific. The federal government stated the foundation of the friendship is the common ground both countries share in regard to values, people-to-people ties, as well as commercial and economic links. Lately, however, the US government has been focused on providing Taiwan with the means to defend itself from the increasing implied threat from China — who insists the island is part of the mainland. After the Russian invasion of Ukraine with the intent of regaining control over the nation, there have been fears that China will follow suit with Taiwan. Now, The Wall Street Journal reports the US is significantly increasing its military deployments to the island.

US in Taiwan

On February 23, the WSJ reported the Pentagon is expanding its training program in Taiwan, sending 100 to 200 troops to the island instead of its typical figure of around 30. According to the source, the federal government has been pretty hush-hush about the program so as not to cause further tension in the region. However, the scores of troops traveling to the nation will be hard to miss when they arrive in the coming months. Additionally, the United States has been training the country’s military right here in America. Taiwanese troops, and those from other nations, have been training at Camp Grayling in Michigan, with the state’s national guard, according to sources with insider information.

China’s Presence

On January 1, Newsweek reported that retired US Army Lieutenant General HR McMaster believes China is getting ready for war with Taiwan. The former general said Chinese President Xi Jinping has made it apparent that he intends to take back the island, although Taiwan insists it is now an independent nation. McMaster said the best way for the US to help is to deter China from going to war by beefing up the tiny island nation’s “national security.”

The WSJ noted China is engaging in aggressive moves, flying planes and driving ships close to Taiwan, increasing the fear that conflict may be on the horizon. To deter a more aggressive response, the Pentagon is applying the “porcupine” strategy, shoring up the island with defensive systems that should make it harder to hit. The outlet noted China was not happy about the increased cooperation between Taiwan and the US. American officials noted it was hard to determine the “tipping point” for China, but the government is “constantly” keeping that in mind with “every decision” regarding Taiwan.

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