US Publication Says Military Should Intervene in Vaccination Campaign

US Publication Says Military Should Intervene in Vaccination Campaign

( – The rise of the COVID-19 pandemic has drawn attention to the different strategies employed by conservative states versus their liberal counterparts. For instance, Republican governors like Utah’s Spencer Cox have taken approaches that they believe will protect the constitutional rights of their citizens to make their own medical decisions as much as possible. However, that approach doesn’t always sit well with media outlets.

On Saturday, January 15, The Salt Lake Tribune’s editorial board published a scathing opinion piece accusing Utah government officials of “waving the white flag of surrender” when it came to fighting the pandemic.

The harshly-worded article called out Gov. Cox and his new epidemiologist Dr. Leisha Nolen by name, accusing them of cowardice and deliberately spreading misinformation about the pandemic and possible state-led remedies to halting its spread. The piece also accused Cox of failing to rally Utah residents using patriotic measures employed in the aftermath of the attacks on Pearl Harbor and the World Trade Center.

At one point, the op-ed suggested Gov. Cox deploy National Guard members to prevent unvaccinated people from entering “well, anywhere.” According to the Tribune’s editorial board, such an oppressive move would demonstrate the governor’s intention to rule Utah as “a truly civilized place.”

Does deploying jack-booted state militia members to herd the vaccinated away from public venues provide the best solution to preventing the spread of COVID-19? Email us and let us know what you think!

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