US Official Facing Probe After Accident Overseas

US Official Facing Probe After Accident Overseas

( – The Vienna Convention of the Law of Treaties provides diplomats serving overseas and their family members immunity from criminal prosecution. Nevertheless, a recent car accident in South Korea involving several US diplomats is stirring up some drama.

On Thursday, November 11, South Korea police officials said they were looking for answers about a traffic accident in Seoul that occurred on Wednesday. An unnamed US diplomat’s car reportedly rear-ended a taxi and appeared to flee the scene. Investigators from the city’s Yongsan Police Station reviewed footage recorded by the cab’s onboard camera.

The taxi’s driver followed the car to a location near a US military base gate that houses American diplomats. Police officers approached the vehicle and attempted to identify the diplomat involved in the incident. However, the occupants of the automobile declined to provide any information to investigators. Instead, they requested anonymity citing State Department protocol.

Police officials followed up on Thursday by submitting a written request to the US Embassy and South Korea’s Foreign Ministry office seeking cooperation in their investigation. The Foreign Ministry reportedly advised local police that the car had been transporting four US diplomats, including the driver.

A spokesperson for the US embassy disputed media reports detailing the incident. The official declined to elaborate on which portions it thought were false.

Diplomats can waive immunity if they so choose. It remains unclear whether that option is on the table or not in this particular case. The investigation is ongoing, and the US Embassy said it wouldn’t comment further on the incident until police officials complete their probe.

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