US Military Official Worried About China’s Alleged Missile Test

US Military Official Worried About China's Missile Test

( – In early October, when reports surfaced that China had successfully tested a new nuclear-capable hypersonic missile that effectively circled the globe sight unseen in late August, it took many US intelligence officials by surprise. Many questioned how the foreign country managed to make so much technological progress without detection. A recent statement from US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley paints a clear picture of the kind of threat this could pose to the US.

“Very Concerning”

During an exclusive interview for The David Rubenstein Show: Peer-to-Peer Conversations, US General Mark Milley called China’s alleged August missile test “very concerning.” He acknowledged that China does have access to nuclear-capable hypersonic missiles and that the country could theoretically use the technology to strike American targets.

At one point during the interview, host David Rubenstein suggested that a hypersonic missile containing a nuclear bomb could theoretically travel into space, follow the Earth’s orbit around the poles, and eventually descend over a target. He surmised that the arched trajectory would make it far more difficult for anti-missile systems to intercept.

Troublingly, Milley nodded in agreement, seemingly indicating that the hypothetical example could come true. He also called the test close to a “Sputnik moment,” referencing the 1957 launch of a Soviet Union satellite that caught US intelligence agencies totally off guard.

The Bigger Picture

Milley’s concern about China’s progression rate isn’t entirely unfounded. There are good reasons to worry about how the People’s Liberation Army or Communist Party of China might use such technology, especially given their history of incursions in regions like Taiwan.

Still, America isn’t entirely defenseless or totally left behind. Speaking to the press at the Pentagon on October 26, Defense Department spokesman John Kirby allegedly indicated that US forces are fully aware of hypersonic weapon development around the globe. He says the government is actively working on developing the same capabilities.

CEO for Raytheon Technologies Gregory Hayes seemed to confirm this viewpoint on the same date, declaring that US forces trail behind China’s development of hypersonic weaponry by at least “several years.”

The US isn’t alone in its struggle to progress, either. Russia successfully tested its own version of a hypersonic missile in early October, and a recent Bloomberg report suggests Japan, France, North Korea, Germany, Australia, and India are actively prioritizing similar developments.

The core takeaway from this shocking development begs an important question: are US forces prepared for a potential attack? Chinese officials totally dismiss the idea that they pose any kind of threat to America, calling on leaders to stop seeing them as the enemy. Yet, General Milley feels China will become the US’ largest geostrategic challenge in the coming years.

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