US Lets Chinese Corporation Off the Hook After Lawsuit

US Lets Chinese Corporation Off the Hook After Lawsuit

( – Former President Donald Trump took a no-nonsense approach regarding China. His “America First” policy included smacking the communist-led country with trade restrictions and tariffs. However, the Biden administration now appears to be doing the opposite.

The Pentagon agreed to remove Chinese tech giant Xiaomi Corp. from a blacklist imposed during the Trump administration. Administration officials imposed the ban on US investment in the Chinese smartphone manufacturer amid allegations the company had ties to communist China’s military.

Xiaomi won a huge court victory in March when a federal judge ruled against the ban and issued a temporary halt to its enforcement. On Tuesday, May 11, Defense Department lawyers and attorneys working for Xiaomi filed a one-page legal brief advising the court that the Pentagon removed Xiaomi Corp. from the blacklist.

By agreeing to remove the ban on Xiaomi, the Biden administration has signaled its willingness to abandon the Trump administration’s efforts to rein in Chinese tech companies. A move that could undermine US companies.

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