US Lawmaker Reveals Cancer Diagnosis

US Lawmaker Reveals Cancer Diagnosis

( – Born and raised in Howard, Pennsylvania, Representative Glenn Thompson (R-PA) grew up to become a congressman serving PA’s 15th district in the US House of Representatives. Before joining the legislative ranks, Thompson spent nearly 30 years helping others as a therapist and licensed nursing home administrator. There, the future lawmaker learned about the importance of quality healthcare, making it an important issue for him. Recently, he received some difficult news.

On December 5, Thompson announced on social media that during a “routine physical,” doctors discovered he had “prostate cancer.” While the representative did not reveal the stage of his diagnosis or his prognosis, he said he felt fine and would continue to serve his constituents throughout the duration of his treatment. The lawmaker called the news a “surprise” but seemed confident that his faith in God would help him get through. He also said being an “eternal optimist” would also help him in his health journey. Thompson asked for “prayers and privacy” from the public.

The CDC states that prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer among men in the US besides skin cancer. In fact, more than 200,000 men in the United States received the diagnosis in 2020. The 5-year survival rate for prostate cancer overall is 96%.

According to The Hill, the 64-year-old was first elected to the House in 2008 and serves on multiple committees that deal with agriculture, education, and the workforce. Thompson is a proud graduate of Pennsylvania State University and Temple University. During his time before entering Congress, he also spent some time as a volunteer firefighter. He has dedicated the majority of his adult life to one kind of service or another. The lawmaker and his wife still live in Howard, where he grew up. The couple share three children — Parker, Logan, and Kale.

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