US Launches Investigation Into Tesla Vehicles

US Launches Investigation Into Tesla Vehicles

( – The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is the nation’s top automobile safety watchdog agency. A part of the Department of Transportation (DOT), it strives to save lives and reduce injuries by working alongside state and local governments to enforce vehicle performance standards. On Monday, August 16, the agency announced it set its sights on Tesla.

The agency formally initiated an investigation last week through its Office of Defects Investigation (ODI). On August 13, the ODI published a Failure Report Summary detailing 11 crashes in which Tesla vehicles “struck one or more” parked emergency rescue vehicles since January 2018. Each incident involved vehicles confirmed to have engaged in either Autopilot or Traffic-Aware Cruise Control modes during their approach. Seven of the accidents resulted in 17 injuries, and one fatality was reported in another crash.

The NHTSA publicly announced the investigation on Monday, August 16. The investigation covers roughly 765,000 Tesla vehicles, nearly everything the electric car company has sold in the US market since 2014.

Tesla hasn’t responded to media requests for a comment on the investigation. Ironically, days before the launch of the investigation, Tesla posted a tweet bragging about the safety record of its vehicles using Autopilot mode.

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