US Intel Predicts Terrifying Return of al-Qaeda

US Intel Predicts Terrifying Return of al-Qaeda

( – The full ramifications of President Joe Biden’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal and evacuation remain to be seen. However, a recent US intelligence prediction paints a rather grim picture for the future.

On Tuesday, September 14, Lt. Gen. Scott Berrier, the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) head, addressed the annual Intelligence and National Security Summit in National Harbor, Maryland. He predicted it would take one to two years for al-Qaeda to rebuild enough of a presence in Afghanistan to present an actionable threat to the United States.

That assessment parallels the timeline given by other top intelligence officials at the meeting. The new timeline doesn’t represent a huge change from earlier estimates. For instance, Pentagon officials said they thought al-Qaeda could reform within the same time frame earlier this year.

In April 2021, Gen. Berrier predicted that Afghanistan’s national defense and security forces faced issues that would limit its ability to maintain operations in the wake of a US pullout. He also said the service’s declining abilities could result in “territorial losses.”

As it turned out, Taliban forces were able to take over Afghanistan before the completion of the US evacuation efforts. In the wake of those events, Defense Department officials told lawmakers they would revisit their earlier timeline regarding the return of al-Qaeda.

If the current assessments regarding the terrorist organization prove true, Biden’s failure in Afghanistan could become his lasting legacy.

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