US Greenlights Possible Missile Sale To Poland

US Greenlights Possible Missile Sale To Poland

( – Vladimir Putin’s recent expansion of the Russo-Ukraine War hasn’t gone according to plan. At the time, experts like former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley predicted that Kyiv would fall within 72 hours of the launch of a full-scale invasion. Undeterred, the Russian president mentioned Poland 30 times during a February interview with Tucker Carlson, immediately triggering global concern. However, the United States recently greenlit the sale of missiles to the Eastern European nation.

On March 12, the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) issued a press release announcing the State Department’s recent approval of a potential “Foreign Military Sale” of roughly $1.69 billion worth of AIM-120C-8 missiles and related support materials and equipment. The notice stated that the DSCA had delivered the mandatory certification to Congress of the determination earlier that day.

The press release explained that the Polish government had requested permission to purchase up to 745 of those advanced medium-range air-to-air missiles, 50 LAU-129 guided missile launchers, and as many as 16 AARAAM guidance systems. Likewise, the State Department authorized the potential sale of program support materials and other “related logistics,” including:

  • Study and survey materials;
  • Transportation support;
  • Personnel training;
  • Technical documentation and publications (classified and non-classified);
  • Classified software delivery and support;
  • Contract logistical support;
  • Repair and return support;
  • Spare and repair components;
  • Munitions support and support gear;
  • ADU-891 Adapter Group Test Sets;
  • Common munitions “built-in test reprogramming equipment;”
  • Control section spares and missile containers; and
  • AIM-120 Captive Air Training Missiles.

The remainder of the DSCA’s notice discussed the benefits of fulfilling Poland’s request. For instance, the press release noted that the proposed sale would improve Poland’s ability to address future and current threats by ensuring it had adequate supplies of “modern, capable air-to-air munitions.” The DSCA also noted that Phoenix-based munitions company RTX Corporation would be the “principal contractor” for the project.

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