US Diplomat’s Wife Had Immunity When She Fled Tragic Car Crash

US Diplomat's Wife Had Immunity When She Fled Tragic Car Crash

( – The sudden loss of a family member to an avoidable accident is a tragedy unto itself. However, it becomes even more intolerable if the responsible party avoids accountability. Such is the case in the death of 19-year-old Harry Dunn, who was killed in the United Kingdom (UK) by a US diplomat’s wife who fled the country under a claim of immunity.

In August 2019, Anne Sacoolas, 43, fled the UK after driving on the wrong side of the road outside RAF Croughton Air Base, crashing into Dunn, who was riding on a motorcycle. UK officials allowed her to leave after she claimed diplomatic immunity. Her husband, Jonathan, worked as a low-level official at the airbase.

Dunn’s parents filed a legal challenge against the government for allowing Sacoolas to leave the country, claiming government officials shouldn’t have entitled her to claim immunity.

On November 24, however, the two justices hearing the case ruled against them finding Sacoolas enjoyed immunity from criminal prosecution based on a 1995 agreement between the USA and the UK.

Dunn’s parents vowed to continue fighting for justice for their son, with his mother telling reporters no one would stand in their way.

Of particular concern for Americans is the fact the reverse could happen in the USA if a foreign diplomat’s wife kills someone.

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