US Destroyer Ship Hit by COVID-19 Outbreak Affecting 1 in 4 Sailors

US Destroyer Ship Hit By COVID-19 Outbreak Affecting 1 In 4 Sailors

( – Life aboard a ship presents numerous challenges for naval personnel during an outbreak like the COVID-19 pandemic. Extremely close quarters make social distancing difficult and closed climate control systems increase the virus’ odds of transmitting.

US Navy officials released a report on November 19 detailing a major outbreak of the coronavirus onboard the USS Michael Murphy, a guided-missile destroyer. According to that report, nearly 25% of naval personnel assigned to the ship tested positive for COVID-19.

Commander Nicole Schwegman, a Pacific Fleet spokesperson, told Fox News the Navy placed all non-essential personnel and anyone coming into close contact with infected sailors into a 14-day period of self-isolation. This is a precautionary measure as per CDC guidelines. All infected persons have moved ashore and been placed in isolation. Fortunately, no personnel required hospitalization.

Measures the Navy Is Taking Moving Forward

The Navy released a statement detailing measures they are taking to prevent the spread of the coronavirus as the nation faces increasing cases of infections. For instance, personnel working in installations around Norfolk, Virginia, home to the Navy’s largest base, were ordered to limit outside activities and travel on November 17.

Additionally, travel restrictions were issued, affecting commuting to and from work with pit stops limited to essential items like food and medicine. The Navy also banned the use of off-base barber shops, gyms, and restaurant dining. Naval personnel wanting to host social gatherings were ordered to limit attendance to 10 outside guests, and all team sports were prohibited.

Naval officials have worked hard to provide the safest working conditions possible since the March 2020 coronavirus outbreak on a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, the USS Theodore Roosevelt. More than 1,200 crew members tested positive for COVID-19, and one individual died.

It’s good to know the Navy is hard at work protecting all Americans, including the nation’s hard-working naval heroes.

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