US Denies Iran Blocked US Navy

Iran Reportedly Blocks US Troops

( – The United States and Iran continue to clash over harsh international trade restrictions imposed on the rogue nation by former President Donald Trump. Now, Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) recently claimed it thwarted an attempt by the US Navy to hijack a commercial Iranian oil tanker in the Sea of Oman. The US military has a different take on the incident.

On Wednesday, November 3, the IRGC released a statement on its website detailing the alleged incident. The IRGC stated that on October 25, the US tried to confiscate an Iranian tanker carrying oil. The statement alleged that the Americans transferred the oil to another tanker and sent it to a different location.

The statement also claimed that Iranian naval forces successfully carried out an airborne rescue mission to capture the second tanker. The IRGC reported that it directed the tanker to the Port of Bandar Abbas. It also released an edited video of the guard’s forces taking control of the tanker.

However, the Pentagon has said the allegations are false. A spokesperson for the US Navy’s Fifth Fleet said the incident actually involved the Iranian seizure of a Vietnamese-based oil tanker. According to the spokesperson, US Naval forces were only keeping observation as the incident unfolded.

Are these disparate accounts of events just the result of an unfortunate misunderstanding, or is there something more sinister going on here?

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