US Could Develop Office to Investigate UFOs

US Could Develop Office to Investigate UFOs

( – From little green men and E.T. to UFO sightings and Area 51, people suspect that there’s more in deep space than stars and cosmic dust. Until recently, aliens and UFOs lived in imaginations, science fiction movies, grainy photos, and conspiracy theories. But, when the Pentagon released its UFO report earlier this year, it confirmed what humans suspected for decades: there’s a host of aircraft flying around Earth that the US government can’t explain.

In August 2020, the Department of Defense (DOD) created the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP) Task Force, which discovered 18 flying objects they could not explain. That led to Representative Adam Smith (D-WA) introducing a bill to Congress proposing the setup of a new federal office to look further into the matter.

The Bill Details

The bill states that the DOD and the National Intelligence Agency would establish the office to take over the task force’s job. Their duties would include establishing procedures for reporting and evaluating ongoing UFO sightings, analyzing the incidents, coordinating with other allied governments on the matter, categorizing the UFOs, and assessing any potential threats to the United States.

The proposal is only in the introduction stage in the House of Representatives. Still, if it passes and President Joe Biden signs it into law, the government will begin building the new federal group within the following three months.

Eyes on the Sky

Photographs of UFOs have been around as long as cameras. But, without modern technology or a standard to evaluate each claim, it was impossible to tell what any of them were. That said, the US government’s awareness of the possibility of extraterrestrials and flying objects they can’t explain is not new.

In 2001, during an episode of “Frasier,” Astronaut John Glenn admitted that he and his fellow crewmates saw things they couldn’t explain while in space. He kept quiet because his superiors were “afraid of the War of the Worlds-type stuff,” but went on to say some of the depictions in science fiction movies were close to the real thing.

He’s not the only one.

In May, 60 Minutes highlighted several pilots who witnessed UFO events nearly every day while training and completing missions in the air.

Future Discoveries

Between the possibility of a dedicated team investigating encounters and civilians blasting into space, the likelihood of unidentified sightings in the sky only increases. Instead of remaining a mystery for people to speculate and embellish upon, causing panic at the thought of a hostile alien takeover, maybe humans will finally get the answers they crave.

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