US Blacklists Iranian Envoy (REPORT)


( – President Donald Trump continues pushing an aggressive foreign policy strategy hoping to build on the recent successes enjoyed by his administration this year. The Abraham Accords, signed between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), was the first agreement between the 2 nations in 25 years. The administration also brokered normalization agreements between Kosovo and Serbia, Bahrain and Israel, and Israel and Sudan.

Hoping to build on that record of success, the United States Department of Treasury imposed terrorism-related sanctions against Hasan Irlu, Iran’s envoy to Houthis militants, on December 8. Reportedly, this was done to pressure them into entering into a peace accord with Yemen. The Houthis are an armed minority Shiite movement that emerged in northern Yemen in the 1990s, around the time of the 1991 Kuwait War.

The Treasury Department also blacklisted a Iranian-based Pakistani private citizen and an Iranian university for supporting Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps operations.

The Trump administration considers the Houthis movement as an extension of Iran’s influence in the Middle East and hopes brokering a truce in Yemen would support efforts to rein in Iran’s power in the region. Considering their recent successes, it’s entirely possible the plan could work.

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