UPS Driver Says Vaccine Load His “Most Important” After Father’s Death From COVID

UPS Driver Says Vaccine Load His

( – Nationwide distribution of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine began over the weekend after the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) on Friday, December 18. Todd Elble, a 37-year UPS worker, related that it was a distinct honor to be asked to be one of the first two drivers to start delivering the vaccines.

Elble’s parents both contracted the coronavirus earlier this year, and his 78-year-old father died from it in November. Reporters had an opportunity to speak with him when he picked up the vaccine at an Olive Branch, Mississippi factory.

He told them his shipment of the Moderna vaccine was the “most important” load he ever delivered, adding that he felt his father was there with him for the occasion.

Elble also said he wouldn’t hesitate to take the vaccine himself, that he would be “first in line” for his father. Continuing, the driver explained that everyone should take the vaccine so the country could put an end to the pandemic.

The White House Coronavirus Task Force was able to facilitate the production of a vaccine in less than a year due largely to President Donald Trump’s decisive leadership. Health experts expect it will take a few months for everyone who wants a vaccine to receive one.

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