UK Judge Tosses Out Trump Lawsuit

UK Judge Tosses Out Trump Lawsuit

( – In 2016, British spy Christopher Steele compiled a research report dubbed the Steele dossier, which included various accusations against former President Donald Trump, claiming the then-GOP candidate had colluded with the Russian government during his campaign. While some of the report has been verified, other claims have been disproven or remain unsubstantiated. In October 2023, Trump sued Steele in a UK court, seeking damages for his ruined reputation. That suit was recently thrown out of court.

What Happened?

Trump claimed in his suit that the “inaccurate personal data” within the report has not only caused him “significant damage and distress” but continues to do so. He asked the British court for relief on the matter. His attorneys argued that Steele’s firm broke British data protection laws to put his dossier together. On February 1, the New York Post reported that London Judge Karen Steyn dismissed Trump’s case, stating there were “no compelling reasons” to go to trial. The dossier claimed the former president was involved with prostitutes in Russia, participated in sex parties, and took bribes from Russian officials, in addition to the Russian collusion allegations during his 2016 presidential campaign.

But Steyn didn’t address whether or not the dossier contents were valid. In fact, she said in her ruling that she had “not considered or made any determination” about whether the report’s information was accurate or not. Steyn said the case was “bound to fail” if it moved forward because Trump waited several years to bring legal action against Steele and his company. The judge said he chose to “allow many years to elapse” before even attempting to restore his “reputation.” She listed several reasons why the former president’s demand for compensation would fail, citing several legal principles to back her decision.

Other Suits and Reactions

According to The New York Times, the latest dismissal was just one in a long line of legal attempts to litigate various matters. He sued the NYT and various reporters regarding his tax returns and CNN for defamation for talking about “the big lie.” He also sued former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (D) for her alleged involvement in connecting Trump with Russia during his 2016 campaign. That case was not only thrown out in Florida, but the court awarded Clinton damages instead of Trump.

Neither the former president nor his team have publicly responded to Steyn’s decision. Trump is currently campaigning for president again and faces several lawsuits, civil and criminal, during the upcoming months.

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