Twitter Claims Open Internet Is a “Human Right”

Twitter Claims Open Internet Is a

( – It’s no great secret that big tech companies like Twitter have allegedly targeted conservative voices. In a stunning display of hypocrisy, Twitter now claims access to its platform is a basic “human right.”

On June 4, the Nigerian government banned access to Twitter after deleting a post from its controversial president. Twitter’s public policy department fired back with an absurd tweet the next day.

Twitter claimed it was concerned by Nigeria’s censorship effort and claimed that access to the internet is “an essential human right” afforded to all in modern times. Twitter also vowed to fight to restore access to its platform in the African nation.

It’s remarkable that Twitter would make such a bold claim about access to its platform regarding its long-standing history of censoring and even suspending individuals and groups with contrary positions to its own. Americans won’t ever forget that Twitter permanently suspended the account of the then-sitting president of the United States, Donald Trump, earlier this year.

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