Twitter CEO Stands by Decision to Ban Trump

Twitter CEO Stands by Decision to Ban Trump

( – Big Tech companies have had their sights on President Donald Trump during their conservative media purge over the last week. However, Twitter stands out from the crowd when it comes to censoring the president and other conservatives. The platform has a history of silencing or flagging Republican voices about controversial political topics.

For example, Twitter censored leading Republicans in the wake of the October 14 smoking gun article in the New York Post, which revealed emails from former Vice President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter. Also, the platform began censoring news outlets reporting election results, even adding new features and policies to reduce the spread of what it considered to be misinformation.

On January 8, the hammer finally fell with Twitter’s announcement of permanently suspending President Trump’s account.

No Remorse

Twitter Co-Founder and CEO Jack Dorsey had quite a bit to say about the shocking move last week. On January 13, Dorsey dug his heels in on the decision to ban the president in a lengthy Twitter thread. He said he believed it to be the correct decision, justifying it by claiming recent events at the nation’s Capitol forced Twitter to focus its attention on “public safety.”

He readily admitted the ban set a dangerous precedent, saying that over the long-term, it could negatively impact the ideas of freedom and expression that the Internet is based on. He also discussed the importance of looking critically at policies and the way content is moderated to ensure a fair and open environment. Dorsey ended his long series of posts by making a collective push for “one humanity working together.”

The problem is that this idea of working together clashes with his practice of censorship, which has led to a gaping division within the country. If censorship was the “right decision” in this case, then at what point do we stop it and start engaging in the “transparency” that Dorsey talks about in his tweets? At one point do we come together and start having conversations as one group of people rather than as separate factions working against each other?

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