Twitter Censors Nearly Every Election Tweet By President Trump (REPORT)

Could Pelosi Be Our Next President?

( – Social media giant Twitter ramped up their efforts to censor President Donald Trump in the wake of the November 3 presidential election. It posted multiple warning labels on the president’s tweets since the election.

On May 11, Twitter began the practice of censoring conservative voices on its platform by using its so-called “updated” approach to misleading information as justification. As you can see in the tweet below, it places a warning label on the post. All viewers can see in Twitter’s newsfeed is the warning label. They have to click on a button that says “view” to see the actual tweet.

President Trump issued an executive order on May 28. It targets legal protections mandated for social media companies under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.

Fox and Friends may have had a better solution, or at least one that might work faster. They suggest the president leave Twitter altogether and take all his followers with him when he goes. As host Brian Kilmeade mused on Thursday morning, why keep using a platform “when they continue” demonstrating “a lack of respect?”

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