Tucker Carlson Says the Media Is “Misleading You so You Will Obey”

Tucker Carlson Says the Media Is

(RepublicanPress.org) – President Donald Trump has been talking about media bias for decades. A recent study by the Media Research Center confirmed mainstream media’s messaging appears to be spiraling out of control in the weeks leading up to the November 3 election.

It’s no small wonder Fox News host Tucker Carlson issued a strong warning to his viewers about the media on October 30. The host explained the mainstream media has formed a “secret alliance” with the very people they should hold accountable.

Continuing his warning, Carlson used the example of the scandal surrounding the Biden family’s allegedly corrupt business dealings overseas. It’s a fact the FBI is investigating the situation as evidenced by former Biden business partner Tony Bobulinski’s five-hour interview with a team of six federal agents.

Yet, the media continues to portray the investigation as “Russian disinformation.” Additionally, the press conspires with big tech companies to withhold the truth from the American public.

As Carlson concluded, when the media enters into secret pacts with the very people they should be watching, all of America is in “deep trouble.” Lies go unreported and threats to democracy go unchallenged when this happens.

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