Trust in Media Declines Among Republicans, Survey Says

Trust in Media Declines Among Republicans, Survey Says

( – Media coverage continues to stir up controversy these days. With so many conflicting reports, it is increasingly difficult for Americans to know what to believe anymore. Former President Donald Trump consistently warned the country about “fake news” and the looming threat of mainstream media. However, new polling suggests American conservatives are starting to feel the same way.

The highly esteemed Pew Research Center released its latest poll focusing on media trust on August 30. It found that the gap remains wide between Republicans and Democrats regarding the level of trust they place in the media.

Asked about their trust in national news organizations, a meager 35% of Republicans and Republican-leaning voters said they had “a lot” or “some” faith in the information presented. On the flip-side, a whopping 78% of Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents answered in the affirmative. That figure represented a 43% difference between Democrats and Republicans.

The gap became even more pronounced when comparing conservative Republicans to liberal Democrats. That difference between the two reached 53 points, with only 30% conservatives saying yes to 83% of liberals.

Left and right-leaning publications give the American public the option of taking in information from like-minded people and organizations. However, facts don’t lean. Facts matter.

With the amount of bias and conflicting information floating around out there, do you know who you can trust?

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