Trump’s New Favorite? Potential VP Makes Surprise Appearance During Rally

( – Presumptive GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump has been hinting that he could announce the identity of his running mate soon. There is a lot of speculation about who that might be, but the Trump campaign assured that rumors are simply that — rumors — and nobody but the former president knows who will run as his VP. One assumed possibility recently appeared at Trump’s rally in New Jersey.

On May 11, the former US leader held a rally in Wildwood, New Jersey, where he brought out North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum (R) to speak to the crowd. According to Trump, the pair flew to the destination together on his private plane.

After Burgum spoke, the former president said, “So, get ready for something, okay? Just get ready.” However, he didn’t expand on what he meant by that statement. Some took it to mean that Trump was hinting he might choose the governor as his running mate for November. OddsChecker places Burgum just under Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) as Trump’s pick possibility.

At the Jersey Shore, Trump sang the governor’s praises, calling him “outstanding” and “smart.” The former president seemed impressed with the amount of money Burgum has made in the tech industry, stating he knows a lot about “energy,” adding the US is “lucky to have him.” The North Dakota leader briefly ran for the GOP nomination in 2023, ending his run after just six months. He then endorsed Trump for the White House.

Burgum had only good things to say about the former president while speaking to the thousands who attended the rally on the Jersey Shore. He said, “Trump respects state’s rights,” “lowered taxes,” and “cut regulation.” The governor also took the opportunity to blast President Joe Biden, referring to his administration as a “regulatory regime.”

In addition to Burgum and Scott, several senators and representatives are rumored to be on the list.

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