Trump White House Contractor Steps Forward Against Biden

Trump's White House Official Steps Forward Against Biden

( – Personnel changes accompanying the installation of a new administration are nothing new to White House staffers and contractors. However, public humiliation is not par for the course.

Heather Mewshaw began working as an independent contractor interpreting sign-language for the Trump White House last year. The Biden administration extended her contract using her services at all White House press briefing. That was the case until word got out that she managed a group of sign-language interpreters translating videos featuring Donald Trump and other conservatives for social media groups.

On February 8, Fox News reported that White House officials quit reaching out to Mewshaw after news reports revealing those efforts to help the hearing impaired to access the videos.

According to Mewshaw, she has been “canceled” and publicly “humiliated” by the Biden administration. All she wanted to do was provide volunteer services to requests from groups wanting to see speeches from conservatives translated into American Sign Language.

As Mewshaw pointed out, deaf people have the right to decide for themselves the value of information floating around for the hearing world. To her, it doesn’t matter if someone is liberal or conservative; she’s there to help “deliver a message to deaf people.”

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