Trump VP Picks Showcased at Private Fundraiser Event

( – The Republican National Committee (RNC) hosted its Spring Finance Retreat at the Four Seasons Resort in Palm Beach from Friday, May 3, through Sunday. The former president showcased several of the leading GOP vice presidential contenders during the exclusive gathering.

Trump called several potential running mates to the stage during the Saturday luncheon and heaped praise on them. He also said anyone willing to pledge to donate a million dollars to his campaign could join them.

Trump told the excited crowd that the mainstream media was reporting that he would have difficulty getting people to agree to join his administration. However, the presumptive GOP nominee confirmed that he had 50 people calling, begging, and vowing to “cut off [their] right arm” to secure their selection as his vice president. “These are ambitious politicians,” he explained.

Continuing, Trump shared a few thoughts on the crowd of Republicans standing next to him on the stage. He told attendees that North Carolina Governor Doug Burgum was “really impressive” but hadn’t received enough media attention during his ill-fated bid for the GOP nomination earlier this year.

Likewise, Trump said Senator JD Vance (R-FL) “turned out to be incredible” since his 2022 election victory. The former president called Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) a “talented guy” who “absolutely” remained a VP contender.

Turning his attention to Senator Tim Scott, Trump called the Ohio lawmaker “one of [his] greatest surrogates.” The presumptive Republican nominee also praised Representative Elise Stefanik, the head of the Republican Congressional Caucus, for defending him against impeachment. He also highlighted her role in the ouster of former Harvard University President Claudine Gay for failing to speak out against anti-Semitic hate speech on the school’s campus.

South Dakota’s Republican Governor Kristi Noem was conspicuously absent from the stage. Media outlets reported that she attended the event but left early.

Trump recently indicated that he would likely announce his selection for running mate sometime in July, shortly before the GOP holds its national convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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