Trump Trial Focused Heavily On One Juror

( – Since April 15, the first of four criminal trials against former President Donald Trump has been underway. The defendant was found guilty of 34 felony counts of falsifying business records related to an alleged hush money scheme to keep bad press out of the papers prior to the 2016 presidential election. The jury deliberated and determined a guilty verdict in the case.

On May 28, one anonymous court attendee told “The Bulwark” that there could have been one juror who did’nt hate Trump. That juror reportedly nodded along with much of what the defense had to offer during the trial, seemed to act favorably toward the defendant, and apparently made regular eye contact with the Republican lawmakers present in the courtroom. According to “The Bulwark,” “MAGAville clings to…a hung jury that results in a mistrial.” Trump allies believed if that happened, it would of been because of that one juror.

However, juries are supposed to make decisions based on the evidence only — not on how they may or may not feel about the defendant. According to the anonymous source, “eight people on that jury…hated Trump.” Still, the evidence should be the sole consideration for the jury, who will decide the defendant’s fate. One Trump insider said, “You just never know what people are thinking or what they’re gonna do.” They indicated that this one juror could have just been messing with the defense to give Trump a false sense of security all along.

The group decided that Trump is guilty of all 34 counts and all hopes of a hung jury and mistrial backfired massively on the defense strategy. Trump will now await his sentencing hearing.

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