Trump Takes Victory in New Hampshire, Reports Say

Trump Takes Victory in New Hampshire, Reports Say

( – The only two viable GOP presidential candidates remaining in the primaries are former President Donald Trump and former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley. The former saw a victory in the Iowa caucuses with more than half of the Republican vote, but Haley showed some promise in the polls in New Hampshire. However, it wasn’t enough to put her over the top.

On January 23, New Hampshire held its primary election for both Republicans and Democrats. According to CBS News and other news outlets, the former president was projected to sail to a victory with about 54% support, but Haley wasn’t far behind. The former SC governor has secured at least 43% of the votes, bringing her in at a close second. Given her showing, Haley said she has no intention of backing down. In her speech following the vote, the candidate said the “race [was] far from over” while calling herself “scrappy” and a “fighter.”

After DeSantis’ departure, Haley reached out to DeSantis supporters. She characterized Trump as a habitual loser while pleading with them to support her effort to win the nomination, claiming she could beat Biden. She accused the former president of spearheading Republican losses during the 2018, 2020, and 2022 elections.

Trump reacted to Haley’s speech with disbelief in his own remarks, stating the former SC governor seemed to believe she was victorious in the race. He accused her of having a “bad night” and mocked Haley for “still hanging around.” The former president predicted he would continue winning through the general election, vowing to “turn [the] country around.”

Biden also won in New Hampshire despite being absent from the ballot. The next stop for Haley is South Carolina — her home state. The Democratic primary will happen on February 3, followed by the GOP primary on February 24.

Despite her history in the state, average polling reported by FiveThirtyEight shows Haley trailing Trump by 38.4%. According to the data, the former president jumped significantly in the polls following the Iowa caucus, whereas Haley’s numbers did not see much change.

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