Trump Narrowing Down on VP Search

( – Speculation continues mounting regarding Donald Trump’s search for a running mate with the presidential election looming only seven months away. Neither the former president nor his campaign is giving much away regarding possible options, which appears to be exactly how he wants it. A recent report offered some insight into his effort to narrow down the VP search, but it provided little information on the names of possible contenders.

On March 31, POLITICO published an article discussing the possible methods employed by Trump, campaign staffers, and associates to select an eventual running mate. The report advised that the top Trump advisor, Susie Wiles, is leading the effort to covertly narrow down the current list of potential VP picks, citing multiple sources who are “familiar with the process.” The current list of prospects reportedly includes several Republican personalities and roughly a dozen current and former lawmakers.

The article advised that Trump campaign officials have hired an outside entity to compile research reports on potential running mates as part of the vetting process. Reportedly, officials are speaking with the former president’s wife, Melania Trump. Likewise, his oldest son, Donald Trump Jr., says he routinely talks about the option with his father.

Trump has said he wants to find a running mate who could “be a good president” should an emergency arise and they need to take over during his absence. Others contend he is considering someone who can expand his appeal among voters to ensure an election victory later this year.

Trump has remained relatively quiet regarding individuals he’s considering for the position. He did confirm six possible sources were on his shortlist during a February town hall moderated by Fox News host Laura Ingraham.

However, when Ingraham presented the list of candidates, Trump merely agreed they were leading contenders. He offered little else to say on the matter other than to note, “They’re all good … solid.”

A person close to the campaign said that Trump would draw out the anticipation — “Apprentice-style,” a reference to his hit television series on NBC. Each of the 15 seasons featured a slate of candidates who competed for a place in the Trump Organization by completing various tasks. Trump used the catchphrase “You’re fired” when kicking contenders off the show until only one remained.

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