Trump Jr. Slams Big Tech

Trump Jr. Slams Big Tech

( – Social media platforms and mainstream media members seem to be doing everything within their power to skew the upcoming presidential election in favor of Democratic nominee Joe Biden. So, Don Jr., President Donald Trump’s oldest son, punched back.

Speaking to Fox and Friends on October 22, the younger Donald accused social media of “censoring” information related to the reported FBI probe into Hunter Biden’s laptop, knowing full well a potential US president “could be 100% compromised.”

Don Jr. posted a tweet mocking the “Biden Crime Family” on Twitter the following morning.

However, considering the serious nature of the allegations against the Bidens, the situation may not be a laughing matter much longer — particularly with the FBI reportedly looking into the matter.

The Bidens’ stand accused of setting up dirty deals with foreign energy companies to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars, perhaps more. Additionally, the FBI allegedly connected the Bidens to a money-laundering scheme on top of other outstanding allegations.

As Don Jr. stated, the mainstream media, bolstered by social media platforms, ran with the Russia witch hunt four years after it was disproven. Where are they now in the face of the alleged crimes by the Bidens?

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