Trump Gets Historic Award From Alabama Republican Party

Trump Gets Historic Award From Alabama Republican

( – Donald Trump had an eventful weekend at his Mar-a-Lago resort as he thrilled attendees of a dog rescue fundraiser by taking the stage for a brief, spontaneous speech. He earned some much-deserved recognition for his time in the Oval Office.

On Saturday, March 13, he received a framed copy of a resolution from the Alabama Republican Party declaring him one of the nation’s “greatest and most effective presidents.” The party’s executive committee unanimously voted in favor of the proclamation at the end of February.

The resolution detailed several of the former president’s many accomplishments, like putting the American people and workers first. It praised his three appointments to the Supreme Court and his work to restore the nation’s military.

It also acknowledged Trump’s “America First” policy. His withdrawal from the “shady” Iran nuclear deal, decision to move the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, and his practice of standing up to China were clear examples of that mindset.

The resolution thanked Donald Trump for his “dedication and sacrifice” to “Make America Great Again.” It concluded by noting that a copy of the resolution would be sent to each state’s Republican Executive Committee, to Alabama’s Congressional delegation — and of course, to former President Donald J. Trump.

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